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Isaiah 2:13-18

Spiritual State

Israel has forgotten their savoir; everything looked very good outwardly because they are extremely powerful in worldly sense. They looked so spiritual too, but their heart is turned away from God. Do you have a grateful heart, Ps 2:11 “Serve the Lord with Fear”. Never take grace lightly, never ignore sins? Are we serious of Holy living?

Physical State

Prophet is describing the worldly greatness (never access people on their physical prosperity, bible says look at the fruit – result of Holy Life). Lord’s people dependent on worldly things those that were great in their eyes. Cedars that are tall and lofty, oaks (supposed to very strong trees), your resources might be so big. Towering mountains and hills, place of security; very strong back up plans. Lofty tower and fortified walls (high level of protection), plans and provision for future might be so strong. Trading ships and vessels, current flow of income might be very sound.

I do not think, now even the richest nation had what Israel at that time had.

Lord’s action plan

How ever strong man is, when Lord rises up, man is brought down to nothing. In one moment Lord can bring even nations low. Lord will remove all idols when He rises in His wrath. When we really know the greatness of God we will know we are so little, when we see God we will know how sinful we are. So let us know and see God.

Vengeance and Cleansing

Your enemy might be so powerful, just wait. Proverbs 20:22 “Do not say I will pay you back for this wrong. wait for the Lord” Vengeance is the Lord’s.

Sins around you might be so big, continue to obey. You might see people playing with sin and still not getting punished at all. Just remember, Judgement and Purging is the Lord’s.


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