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They discouraged… Because they have not followed me wholeheartedly

Num 32:9,11 Thought:

Moses send people to go and see the land God promised them. They went and gave this report, the land is very good, but the people there are so strong that we can never ever think of fighting them. Those who went to see the land other than Caleb and Joshua everyone came back and told the truth in human perspective and all the Israelites were discouraged. God was angry and said the reason for being discourages is because they did not follow God wholeheartedly. Where do you stand, discouraged.

It is not the state you are in but your standing with God. Ask Jesus to change your heart and set your priorities right. Believe every situation He is in control. No more discouragements but look at the troubles through the eyes of Jesus. Change your heart to follow wholeheartedly.


Jesus let my whole heart be filled with your thoughts and never filled by the pains I am going through. Amen.

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