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Samuel cried to the Lord for Israel and the Lord answered him 1 Sam 7:9


Samuel asked ‘direct your hearts to the Lord’ 1 Sam 7:3 to the Israelites, and in next verse they removed Baal and served Lord alone. In 1 Sam 7:6 All gathered and made confessed their sins. Immediately enemies came to attack them. People asked Samuel 1 Sam 7:8 ‘Do not cease to cry to the Lord.. for us’. Samuel made a sacrifice to God and ‘The Lord thundered with a great thunder…and enemies were routed..’ 1 Sam 7:10. And Samuel named that place Ebenezer “Thus far the Lord has helped us” 1 Sam 7:12.


1. Priority and focus of heart should be our Lord
2. Confess and deny sinful acts
3. In trails just trust and pray. Never fear nor grumble.
4. Worship brings deliverance.
5. Remember the great things the Lord has done.


Lord, you know all my weakness, today I need your cleansing touch, your guiding hands, your healing arms. I need you Lord, you are my Ebenezer. Amen.

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