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They called upon the LORD and He answered them. Psalms 99:6
The Lord said call unto me on the day of trouble and I will deliver you. It a promise that Lord will answer our prayers. God has offered to answer the prayers of his children (those who have received him into their lives and seek to follow him). He asks us to take any concerns to him in prayer and he will act upon it according to his will. As we deal with difficulties we are to cast our cares on him and receive from him a peace that defies the circumstances. The basis for our hope and faith is the character of God himself. The better we know him, the more apt we are to trust him.
Like most people, there have been times when I felt God had abandoned me. How, I wondered, could He turn His back on ME? When I have reflected upon those experiences, I realize it was I who let Him down. God was not there because I had pushed Him away. I was too busy. I was focused on the wrong things. I was allowing many other things to come before Him. I was not listening. When my mind is clear and I allow myself to be receptive to His grace, I find that I am answered.
Thank you; Lord for you are listening to me now. I am sorry Lord I am not listening to your answers. Amen.

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