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We went to the city of
Philippi. Philippi is a leading city in that part of Macedonia, and it is a Roman colony. We were in this city for a number of days. Acts 16:12
Luke speaks of the second missionary trip of Paul, when it comes to Acts 16 the group is Paul, Timothy, Silas and Luke. Paul wanted to go to Asia, but the Holy Spirit stopped them. That night Paul saw a vision, a man from Macedonia calling. Therefore they went to Macedonia not knowing what is held for them. Luke says they came to Macedonia and stayed there for many days, no one came to the Lord. Still they continued to wait. Same way you might not know what is held for future, do not worry for the Lord holds the future.

After some days we know Lydia and Family came to the Lord, Jailor and Family came to the Lord. One of the most beautiful church Philippians was born in that city. One of the best epistles of Paul was to this church. All this happened because there were four people who obeyed and waited although they knew nothing of the future regarding Macedonia. Today you might be same place in your life. Just wait and obey. In His time Lord will make all things beautiful. It is not necessary to know the will of God in your life when the Lord himself is leading.
Lord, help me to just wait patiently. Help me to be obedient in every aspect and to be lead by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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