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We also may be like all the nations. 1 Sam 8:20



Lord saved the people and they had peace. Now they went to Samuel asking for a king. Actually the custom was that, Lord was their king. People insisted to have a king because they wanted to live like the other people. They were fascinated by seeing other nations being lead in battle by a king, who was giving charge. They forgot, although they did not have a seen human king, they always won. We know the result people backslidden due to the kings ruled; they lost peace and ended up as slaves to other nations. They tried to be like others and ended up being their slaves.


We also love to buy things seeing others using it. We also compromise as others party. The words we use, the way we dress, the music we hear etc. We try being like others in the world. I am not trying to condemn, but remember first time when you wanted to do those Holy Spirit warned you but still we did after justifying and saying it is ok, world is like this. Remember if we do not live daily as per Lord’s standard we will end up being slaves of the world. Be simple, contrive in spirit and enjoy wonderful fellowship with God. Nothing can ever match that.



Lord, help me to realize, and know the power and peace of your presence. Teach me to consider the pleasure of the words as filthy rags. Amen.

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