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Victory Through Prayer

Victory Through Prayer - Morning Devotion 5 July 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

One who prays have relationship with God will praise God.
One who doesn’t pray will never know who Jesus is.
Hena confessed who God was.
When we pray, we can also acknowledge who God is.
Personal prayer is very important in life.

(I Samuel 2:2) Hena came to knew that God is holy through her prayer. God alone is holy. There is none like Him. He is unparalleled. Only through prayer, we know that God is holy. The more we are close with God in prayer, we can know about Him more.

(I Samuel 2:3)God is wise who created this world. Hena heard the words of pride and trouble. She says that God is wise who can do things as per the appropriate times. Hena responded to the words of her mistress after receiving prayer through victory.

(I Samuel 2:6&7) God is in control. Everything rests in His hand. Do everything after prayer. He will do everything according to His time.

(1 Samuel 2:8) Upliftment, victory, promotion, growth, prosperity is in God’s hand. Only He can do this. On having relationship with God, we can receive growth in life. It is God who lifts us.

(I Samuel 2:9) Hena found that God guards. As she sustained in prayer, she found that.

(I Samuel 2:10) God brings justice. One who prays will get justice. No need to prove yourself or stand for your own justice. If we pray, we will receive it.


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