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Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil Luke 4:1


Deu 4:1-10

Story: Lord used Moses to deliver Israelites from Egypt, Lord brought them out with lot of miracles and with His powerful hand. Pharaoh, his army and even Red Sea could not stop them. The reason to bring them out was to lead them to the promised Land. And actual journey from Egypt to Canaan would only take 11 days through the wilderness.

But we know it took 40 years and they got stuck in wilderness; not only that other than 2 people (Caleb and Joshua) all men above 20 years who started from Egypt perished in the wilderness. But Lord under Joshua got the next generation into the promised Land.

Lesson: The word says due to their unbelief they could not enter the promised Land. Although they came out Egypt, it took 40 years for lifestyle of Egypt to come out of them. Same way Lord brought us out from sin, saved us to live a victorious life. But are we also continuing in old ways and going in circles.

Wilderness is not the reason why we were called out. How long because of our old ways, will we continue in wilderness of struggle? Salvation that we received through grace should lead to change; the way we live. It is not ok to live in sin, fear of God is to hate sin.

Prayer: Father Lord, help me come out of my wilderness experience and be a useful tool in your hands. Amen.

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