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Caleb’s Confidence

Caleb’s Confidence - Morning Devotion 9 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Judges 1:20
Anak’s children were driven out by Caleb.
Genesis 6:7, speaks about the genealogy of Anak who were giants.
They were spied by Caleb and Joshua.
(Numbers 13:33)
The Israelites looked like grasshoppers before them.
In one portion of Cannan the Anok’s children lived.

(Numbers 13:30) Caleb’s report before Mosses was that Cannan could be inherited immediately. He was confident even being old in age. The reason of his confidence may be because he has seen the miracles of the Lord from the day the Israelites started from Egypt.
Caleb was alone but God was with him. (Numbers 14:8)
Test whatever pleases God and examine. We will be unique according to our calling.
God who has called by name is always with us.
God will never leave you. (Numbers 14:9)
Never rebel against God. standing against something is rebellion. Pride is against God. Hypocrite life is against God. Depart from such deeds.
Be confident that God is with us.
(Numbers 14:24) God testifies about Caleb.
(Judges 1:20) Caleb inherited Hebron. The inheritance happened because of his confidence in God.
The whole Israelites who started the exodus at Egypt passed away but Caleb lived and inherited the promises.

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