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Blessings Through Your Choice

Blessings Through Your Choice - Morning Devotion 30 June 2022

by Pastor Solomon Kings | Morning Devotion

Ruth chose right path and right people. (Ruth 1:16&17)
The best choice she did is
“Your God is my God”.
She is a Moabite, from a country which had abominable practices.
Ruth and Naomi lost their husband but inspite of it, Ruth chose to follow true God.
Choosing God changed the life of Ruth.
Our choice is also important. Are we choosing to remain with God?
We can shake the nation in our knees.
(Isiah 60:22) It is unimportant whether you are small or least.
David chose God, hence, he was placed on the throne from nothing.
Your choice decides your happiness.
(1 Samuel 2:8) Right choice makes the person be lifted from dirt.
God has called you with a purpose, what is your choice in this?
(Isiah 43:18&19) God will do a new thing, if you chose Him in life.
Always have God as your portion.
God will restore your life, which will be your best.
God will restore your vision.
God will restore your confidence.
Certain decision may seem to be a loss. But, God will take care of everything though you are in the valley of shadow of death.

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