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They will walk with me, dressed in white…. I will confess his name before my father Rev 3:4,5
What is the desire of Jesus Christ? One He wants to walk with us and we should wear white dress of purity. His desire was so intense that He gave His life for this desire to be fulfilled. Can you give your life to fulfill one of your desires? But Jesus did it for ME. Still am I really walking with Him? One word is enough, Jesus sorry for the ignorance, I desperately want you to be next to me, teach me to walk in purity that you impute into me.
Second desire that Jesus has is to speak about me in heaven to Father God. When Jesus took baptism, God the father confessed it aloud this is my son, and the Lord was proud of His son. Is Jesus proud to speak of me in heaven? Help me Jesus, that I will be your proud son whom you will confess in heaven, when God, angels, Abraham, Moses, Peter, Paul is listening. Joy is overwhelming my heart when I think of the words of Jesus speaking out my NAME in heaven.
I submit my life so that your desire will be fulfilled through me. Amen.

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