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..through faith are shielded by God’s power … In this you greatly rejoice 1 Peter 1:5,6


Peter also clearly talks of trails. Since we hear about prosperity everywhere (even in churches), when we go through tough times, we think there is something wrong with us. I believe there is prosperity and suffering also for His chosen ones. When we prosper we ought to praise. There is no suffering that the Lord sends. All evil things are from satan. Many of the pain we have is because of the way we conduct ourselves, then we need to confess and correct ourselves. Still there are some other attacks (might be like sickness, persecutions, humiliations …) from the evil one that the Lord permits for a purpose. When we are troubled with these kind, what should we do?

Know the Shield

..through faith are shielded by God’s power 1 Peter 1:5. Do not be shaken when trails come, remember that the Lord’s power is our protection, it becomes out shield when we believe this.

Know the Joy

In this you greatly rejoice… 1 Peter 1:6. Deliverance will surely come, so let us rejoice. Righteous will be saved from all His trails. Let us rejoice in our tough times for this promise. Joy of the Lord is my strength. Oh why are you downcast?

Know the Duration

..though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.1 Peter 1:6. Lord told vision is for an appointed time. Lord has planned the timings for deliverance. We might even suffer all kinds of problems, nothing to worry, although we think its long, In His eyes, Lord has set the way out at the right time.

Know the Reason

These have come so that your faith… of greater worth than gold.. may be proved genuine 1 Peter 1:7. Lord permitted all this for our benefit, so our faith is tested and we become more mature and have the nature of Jesus.

Know the Result

.. may result in praise, glory and honor ..1 Peter 1:7. End result is always victory. Always it is for the glory of God. Let us understand. When Lazarus was sick, Jesus said, this sickness is for the glory of God.


Lord; forgive me my sins, take away all the consequences for my deeds. Let me understand and believe all my trails are making me more mature and making me more like Jesus. Amen.

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